• 5 things we forget to clean

    5 Things We Forget to Clean

    Spring is in full blast and summer is right around the corner. Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Yes? Good job! No? Well, what are your waiting for? I have a few important reminders of things in our home we tend to overlook. The five areas in our home we forget to clean that […]

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    June 25, 2018 By Mel
  • Green Cleaning

    Hydrogen Peroxide for Green Cleaning

    It is time to ditch your chlorine bleach and start using hydrogen peroxide. We all know that bleach is very toxic and not safe to use. If you don’t, check out this article ​HERE​. Hydrogen peroxide not only is a much safer alternative; it is also very reasonable. You might already have it in your […]

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    October 13, 2016 By Mel
  • Why I Switched to Dryer Balls

    Why I Switched to Wool Dryer Balls

      Have you made the switch yet to using less toxic chemicals in the laundry room? Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, formaldehyde, nonylphenol, and dichlorobenzene are just a few of the many toxic ingredients that can be found in laundry detergent and dryer sheets, even ones that claim to be green from reputable companies. These have been know to […]

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    March 4, 2016 By Mel