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5 Tips for Staying Positive

Positive Tips

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you might have some inkling as to where I have been these past few months. Between my mom breaking her hip while ice skating during her holiday trip here and the loss of our very social schnauzer, Harley, January and February were basically a wash. These altering events coupled with the negativity in our country lately had me feeling quite down and depressed. No matter what side you are on politically, these…

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Learn to Listen & Communicate Effectively: The Red Boot Coalition

General, Positivity
red boot coalition learn to listen

The very wise Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” His words are ever present in my mind these days as I have become so exhausted by the negative tone on every avenue of social media. What saddens me most of all is the number of relationships that have been affected due to political unrest in our country. Desiring a change, I found myself elated to stumble across my neighbor, Marni’s Facebook…

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A Cookbook Review & Giveaway

Healthy Food & Recipes
100 days real food cookbook review

Finding out I was selected as an ambassador for the newest ​100 Days of Real Food cookbook was such an honor for me! I’ve been a big fan of the author, Lisa Leake’s for a while now. Once I discovered it, her website, 100 days of Real Food quickly became my “bible” for healthy eating. Simplicity is key for me these days and that is something she really gets. It is true, you can still eat healthy when life gets…

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from 100 Days of Real Food fast & fabulous: Easy Fish Tacos with Pico de Gallo

Healthy Food & Recipes
100 day of real food recipe

Like any busy family, mine prefers to eat healthy, but, doesn’t always have the time. Enter in: Lisa Leake’s new cookbook ​100 days of Real Food Fast and Fabu​lous. Her recipes are not only easy, but also, delicious. I appreciate that many of them are inexpensive to make. I’ve been a huge fan of the​ 100 Days of Rea​l Food blog for a long time. It was, and still is, one of my “go tos” for healthy eating. I am…

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