• Monthly Green Beauty Favorites

    Green Beauty Favorites

    It has been quite a few months since I shared a roundup of my green beauty favorites. I had planned for this to be a feature on my blog, but so far it isn’t working out. I guess you could say it takes a lot more to impress me these days. Last week, I did […]

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    March 30, 2017 By Mel
  • Beginners Guide to green beauty

    Beginner’s Guide to Green Beauty

    I am excited to introduce my guest poster today, Teresa. She is an experienced green beauty convert here to help us get started. Hop on over to instagram and give her stunning account a follow @mrsbrenay. Without further ado, here is her beginner’s guide to green beauty. Making the Switch My husband and I live […]

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    November 9, 2016 By Mel