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On Guard Green CleaningUsing essential oils to make your own natural cleaners does not have to be difficult. One of my favorites is doTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil. This versatile oil contains a blend that naturally protects against certain environmental factors. On Guard’s sweet, spicy smell offers a fragrant, natural way to clean. It is also great for diffusing, making a natural hand cleanser, or to support healthy immune function*.

doTERRA makes many products that feature On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil. One such product is On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. This concentrated cleaner combines the On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil with plant based derivatives to make a cleaner that is non- toxic and biodegradable. On Guard Cleaner Concentrate also helps to reduce waste and, because it is concentrated, it lasts a long time. This budget friendly cleaner is a great deal at only $19 for a 12 oz bottle. (Email me HERE to find out how you can get it for 25% off)


Making your own bottle of cleaner is simple to do. Put just two to three tablespoons of the concentrated cleaner along with 24oz of distilled water into a spray bottle. Shake the mixture up (after putting your nozzle back on the bottle, of course) and then spray away. I love to use this effective cleaner with the germ removing powers of microfiber cloths. Read more about microfiber cloths in my article HERE. I think those two are a match made in green cleaning heaven!
My favorite use for doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is cleaning those particularly germy areas such as toilet bowls, light switches, trash cans, and counter tops. It also works well as a natural floor cleaner and to reduce odors around the house. Since it is a safe cleaner, it is one I feel comfortable letting my daughter use when she is doing her chores around the house.


Ready to get your On Guard Cleaner Concentrate or On Guard Protective Blend Essential Oil? Shop my site HERE or email me HERE for more information. I also have a Facebook Group HERE where I share upcoming sales and usage information for all the doTERRA essential oils. Find out why I love doTERRA essential oils in my article, HERE.

doTERRA’s On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is a staple in my green cleaning arsenal. Will you make it part of yours as well? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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