Healthy Protein Shake Recipe

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Healthy Eating Protein ShakePlease help me welcome Lizzy Wingate as my guest poster today. Lizzy is a certified counselor and personal trainer from Atlanta, Georgia. Her online fitness business, Cardio, Weights, and Protein Shakes, helps men and women all over the world reach their health and fitness goals. Without further ado, here is her very informative post all about the importance of protein.

Protein is a very important part of our diets. In fact, our bodies depend on protein to function properly! Protein helps maintain a strong immune system and helps build lean muscle mass.  It also keeps you feeling satisfied longer after you eat so you don’t snack as much in between your meals!

Proteins are made from amino acids. The human body can make some amino acids on it’s own. The other amino acids come from what we eat. Meat is where the majority of us get the bulk of our protein. This includes: beef, chicken, fish, turkey, etc. Non-meat protein sources include eggs and dairy, beans, soy, quinoa, etc.

Another way to get your daily protein is through protein powder. The most common way to use protein powders is to make protein shakes. Most protein powders can be mixed with cold water to form a protein shake. However, a lot of protein powders on the market do not taste good. And if you’re like me, then you don’t want to waste your time with eating or drinking something you don’t enjoy. Life is too short! You need a good recipe to make your protein shake tasting just right. I’ve come up with 2 protein smoothie recipes that will blow you away.

Health Protein Smoothie Recipe Strawberry

Strawberry Protein Smoothie

½-1 scoop of strawberry or vanilla protein powder

1 cup water

1 cup frozen (or fresh) strawberries

1 cup strawberry or plan low-fat greek yogurt

½ cup ice

Optional: 1 tbsp. honey

Blend in blender
Healthy Protein Shake Recipe Chocolate

Chocolate Protein Shake

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

1 cup almond milk (or water if you don’t have any almond milk)

1 banana

½ cup ice

Optional: 1 tbsp. honey

Blend in blender

*Want to make it a Chocolate and Peanut Butter Shake? Add ½ cup of peanut butter to the blender!


You can also use protein powder in everyday recipes! Here are some of my favorites!

Try mixing unflavored protein powder with any of the following:

-Apple Sauce




-Baking Mixes (i.e. Cookies, Pancakes, Muffins)

Protein powders are a great way to increase your protein intake. However, they aren’t necessary, especially if you are getting enough protein in your diet. Many athletes drink protein shakes after their strength training workouts because protein helps repair damaged tissue and muscle fibers to create strong, lean muscle. And instead of eating a large, heavy meat protein, they opt for a lighter protein shake because it is more easily absorbed at that time!

Want more information on protein powders? I have some great resources for you!

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Thanks so much Lizzy for the deliciously, easy protein shake recipes. Check her out on Instagram HERE, Pinterest HERE, or Twitter HERE.
What is your favorite source of protein? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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