Beginners Guide to Green CleaningDid you know that the cleaning products we have come to rely on are filled with toxic chemicals that cause more harm than good? When I started my green journey, I was shocked to find out just how detrimental to our health most cleaning products actually are! But, could the green alternative be as effective? The more I research, shop and try out products, the more convinced I am that everyone should start green cleaning.

Not only is green cleaning simple and easy to do, but it is also budget friendly as well. I personally love an easy DIY project, but if that isn’t your thing I have great suggestions for safe products you can purchase. Join my new Facebook community HERE for healthy living tips, tricks and the latest news.


These are just a few of the many harmful ingredients found in cleaning products.
Artificial Fragrance -​ I can’t say enough about how harmful this is. Artificial fragrances are typically made of phthalates which are chemicals known as a hormone disrupter. They can cause infertility issues and other reproductive problems. Look for products scented with essential oils and natural fragrance instead.
Chlorine Bleach -​ I think we all know how toxic chlorine bleach is if swallowed. Just cleaning with it can also cause health issues. When mixed with acids (such as vinegar) or ammonia, it can form a toxic gas. It is also irritating to the skin and lungs. Hydrogen peroxide, lemon, and vinegar are safe alternatives that are effective.
Ammonia – ​Like chlorine bleach, it is also harmful if swallowed. Ammonia is irritating to your skin, eyes and lungs. Those that are exposed regularly, often develop asthma or chronic bronchitis. When mixed with bleach it forms a toxic gas. Ammonia is a common ingredient in glass cleaners. I find that a microfiber cloth using just water works well to clean glass.
Triclosan​ ​- ​This antibacterial agent is a known hormone disruptor in women linked to many other health issues and environmental hazards as well. It has been found that using antibacterial products shows no health benefits over plain soap in this article ​HERE​.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate​ ​–​ SLS is a common chemical found in hand soaps, laundry detergents and cosmetics. It is irritating to the skin and eyes and being investigated as possibly being carcinogenic. Read more about it ​HERE.

RESOURCES – ​Check out their ratings on cleaning products, beauty products and more. (Be aware that EWG rates essential oil ingredients as harmful because some people might have sensitivities.)


Shop the Dollar Store​ ​– ​Your local dollar store is a great place to shop for some of your green cleaning supplies. Check out my article HERE on what I buy there.
Make It Yourself– It is so easy to make your own green cleaning products with just a few ingredients.
Repurpose – ​Glass vinegar bottles make great spray bottles. Just add a spray top and your favorite cleaning spray and you are good to go. Throw pickle jars into the dish washer and then use them to hold your toilet cleaning tabs.


Quality Vacuum Cleaner -​ A good vacuum cleaner is worth every penny. Find out how to pick a good one HERE.
Microfiber Mop -​ I don’t know how I ever lived without my microfiber mop. They produce no waste, are easy to use and effective at cleaning floors.
Steam Mop –​ For truly grimy floors, a steam mop is a must have. I use mine on vinyl floors and tile.
Microfiber Cloths – ​Norwex microfiber cloths are my favorite brand. They reduce paper towel usage and are also effective at picking up dirt and bacteria. Read more about how they work HERE.
Quality Essential Oils – ​doTERRA is my favorite brand to use. Read more about why HERE. Join my Facebook group HERE to learn more about how to use essential oils.
doTERRA OnGuard Cleaner – ​This is the cleaner I reach for when cleaning the bathroom because it protects our environment. It makes a great all-purpose cleaning spray. Check it out HERE.
Dr. Bronners Castile Soap – ​It won’t set you back too much money and it is a must have in your cleaning arsenal. Find out why HERE.


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Norwex microfiber cloths


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