Green Cleaning: My Journey

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My Journey to Green Clean

Have you ever made huge, giant changes in your life overnight? No? Me neither! I will be the first to admit that moving toward a healthier lifestyle, more specifically, ​green cleaning​,​ is not an easy change. But, I can assure you, it is an important one…one you will reap the benefits of in the long run. This is something you should not only do for yourself, but also for your family!

The biggest catalyst in my change started when an unexpected life event brought me to work for a green cleaning company. I started learning how easy and inexpensive it is to buy safe products and to make your own cleaning products. Around the same time, I met some friends who educated me on the benefits of essential oils. This really started to open my eyes to safe, alternative cleaning methods.

Let me back up for a minute though, my change didn’t happen immediately. You see, I am a Lysol wipe lover from way back. Fly Lady taught me that bleach is the best way to shine my sink, and, I truly believed that Clorox toilet bowl cleaner was the best thing for those hard to clean toilets. It is hard to change this chemical mentality!

It took me a while and a heck of a lot of reading to come to grips with how this move to green cleaning needed to happen. The Environment Working Group website has a wealth of information and is my “go to” when I am trying to figure out the safety of a product. I plan to share my favorite resources in an upcoming article… so stay tuned. Just troll around the internet and you can find a wealth of information about why my previous cleaning product choices are harmful. Looking back now, I am appalled at how many toxic chemicals are in them and how harmful they are!

The more I educate myself, the more changes I make. I plan to share what I learn along the way. Some green cleaning products work and some don’t. And did you know there are different levels of safe? What I consider safe for my family, you might not, and vice versa. Take baby steps and follow along with me on my journey.

Have you started your own green cleaning journey yet? Can’t wait to hear from you!


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