The Best Way to Clean Floors

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Best Way to Green Clean Floors

Think for a minute about how much use your floors get. You walk on them. Your children and your pets play on them. Do you use the 5 second rule? Now think about what you use to your clean floors with. Is it actually safe?

Many recommended floor cleaners these days have questionable ingredients. Some rate high on the toxicity scale which isn’t something I feel comfortable having around my family. That is why I have moved toward making healthier choices and green cleaning my floors. You can read more about the unsafe ingredients in floor cleaners HERE.


1. It is important to make sure to follow your floor manufacturers directions for proper care. Not following it can void your warranty.
2. While vinegar is a great cleaner to use in general, it isn’t so great for hardwoods.  It can dull the finish over time.
3. Oil soaps and waxes can leave a residue on hardwood floors. It is best to avoid them.
4. When making your own floor cleaner, some ingredients should not be mixed together. Vinegar and castile soap are two such ingredients. There is a great article HERE about why you shouldn’t do it.


Steam mops create a hot steam that helps to loosen dirt and other debris from the surface of the floor without hard work. No additional cleaning products are necessary so it is a great option for green cleaning floors. Steam mops are great for tile and vinyl floors that can withstand some water and heat. Manufacturers suggest to avoid using steam mops on hardwoods as few deliver the high quality steam that is safe enough for wood floors. I use mine to clean my bathroom floors.


Microfiber mops allow you the ability to control the amount of moisture you use on your floor. The Rubbermaid Reveal microfiber mop is the one I use at home on my hardwood floors. I love it because it has a mist sprayer which prevents too much water from being deposited on the floor which can cause it damage. You can also spray a bottle of cleaner on your floor if your mop doesn’t have a sprayer.  The benefit of microfiber is that it allows you to effectively clean with just water. The cloth captures and lifts dirt off the floors surface, where as some other cleaning tools just push the dirt around. Read more about microfiber cloths HERE. They are also reusable after washing them. It makes for less waste and great for the environment. Quality microfiber cloths and mops are a great investment!

How do you green clean floors? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Gloria

    May 21, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! There is so much misinformation out there. Especially in the blogging world, I cringe at some of the DIY recipes. When I discovered Microfiber flat mops about 5 years ago, I was hooked! We use steam too. But like you said, you have to determine what is best for each type of floor / room you are doing.

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