Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part One

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Creativity Flows in Colorful CO Part One

Sometimes all you need for a boost of creativity is a change of scenery.  Recently, my boyfriend and I jetted off to colorful Colorado for a week of sightseeing and picture taking.  Our love of photography made the Rocky Mountains a natural choice for a picturesque trip.  Somewhat randomly, we chose Steamboat Springs, CO as our destination and home base for a good portion of our trip.  Wyndham has a time share location there and we had been gifted with points to use.  From the pictures we found online, it seemed the perfect location nestled among the beautiful mountains.  Mostly known as a ski town, Steamboat Springs also draws a bountiful tourist crowd in the summer.

After a 3.5 hour flight from Charlotte, NC and then another 3.5 hour drive from Denver, CO, we arrived at our destination. Though the drive was long, it really gave us time to soak up our surroundings and appreciate some of the natural character of Colorado.  “Wow”, seemed to be the word of the day and actually of the entire trip.  The beauty, the majesty and the sheer size of the Rocky Mountains really took our breath away!

Steamboat Springs is a small town with an awesome downtown area; however, we were a little disappointed in the view.  After driving through and past such amazing mountain views, it seemed to be lacking in comparison.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed good eats, fun day trips, exploration, hiking, and a bit of relaxation.

Fish Creek Falls Steamboat Springs Colorado

If you ever find yourself in Steamboat Springs, CO, Fish Creek Falls is a must see.  A short hike from the parking area will allow you to witness this 280 ft. waterfall.  I must share my boyfriend’s cool drone footage of it!  Raw Shots Photo’s drone footage of Fish Creek Falls

Buffalo Pass in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Bound and determined to see snow, we checked with the locals who suggested Buffalo Pass.  We drove the bumpy road as far as we could and then hiked the rest of the way.  The spectacular view from over 10,000 ft. above sea level made up for the unimpressive amount of snow.  We were amazed to be able to see mountain tops for miles into the distance!  The drop in air pressure and oxygen at such high elevation hit me a bit, so my advice to you is to slow down, take your time, and rest occasionally, when hiking in the higher elevations.

Birch Trees in Steamboat Springs, CO

On our drive back down, we stopped along the road, and captured shots of several beautiful birch trees.

Steamboat Lake Steamboat Springs Colorado

Steamboat Lake State Park looks pretty impressive in pictures. We briefly stopped at the Park to take some pictures of our own, and then it was on to our next destination.

Mountains in Colorado

Sometimes my favorite pictures aren’t from my final destination, but a random pull over to the side of the road to capture an unexpected treasure.  Landscape photographers tend to love funky clouds and we really got lucky, in this respect,  throughout our trip.


Wanting to check another state off our bucket list, we decided to take a drive to Wyoming.  Boy, was that an adventure! Unbeknownst to us, until we were actually on it, the route we chose was primarily dirt and gravel roads through ranches.  I actually felt like I was in another country when we passed a cow just hanging out in the middle of the road!

If we ever find ourselves back in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we would definitely take the gondola up to check out the sunset at 9,000 ft.  Unfortunately, the weather just didn’t cooperate while we were in town.  Check out the view from up there, though!

Being Foodies, we were really impressed with the selection in such a small town.  The Backdoor Grill has an impressive selection of delicious burgers.  We started with portobello fries that were so good it left me craving them for days!  I feasted on the Buzz Lightyear and Billy enjoyed his double bacon cheeseburger. This place left a lasting impression on our endless quest for great burgers.

Vegetarians or just lovers of good healthy food, will love Creekside Grill!  Since its hours are only 6am-2pm, be sure to hit it up for breakfast, brunch or lunch! 

Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures from our trip in Part Two and Part Three!  There is something so inspiring about seeing mountains so grand it takes your breath away!  

What inspires you?


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  • Tay

    October 4, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Ah, such gorgeous views!! Colorado is on my list of places to see in the US!

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      Thanks! Yes, you must get to Colorado!

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