Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part Two

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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Mount Evans

I am not going to lie, the trip up Mount Evans is extremely scary! The hairpin turns around the edge of ​the​ mountain are not for the faint of heart a​nd​ there are no guardrails. But, it is definitely ​on my must do Colorado list. It boasts the highest paved road in North America with elevations o​f o​ver 14,000 feet. And, as I am sure you can guess, views to die for!​

The natural beauty is truly amazing!

Summit Mount Evans in Colorado

Mountain goats and big horned sheep are often sighted here, but sadly, they hid themselves from us and our eager cameras. Also, the fog and rain near the summit made it difficult to view any wildlife. This was combined with a 40 degree temperature drop and blustery winds. The high altitude also made it somewhat difficult to breathe. So our hopes of standing at the peak and photographing the sprawling view far and wide were not to be realized.

Colorado Summit Lake

As a result, the journey up the mountain (for us) proved to be more picturesque than the peak, itself. Summit Lake, the thirteenth highest lake in the US, can be found not far from the base​ with views of both Mount Evans and Mount Spalding towering above and reflecting in it.

Ridges atop Mount Evans Colorado

A short walk from the lake brought these amazing views of the mountain ridges.

Colorado Blue Lake

From there we drove to Blue Lake, which is outside of Boulder, Colorado. From pictures we saw online, it looked impressive with its stunning blue water and picturesque mountains.  A​s luck would have it, the weather​ would not cooperate, and upon our arrival, moody, storm clouds covered the area. The wind blew and rain threatened. The color of the lake’s water matched the dark clouds behind which the mountain range tried to hide. ​It was a real bummer! Given different weather conditions, I am sure it is a beautiful place to visit. I am just not ​certain I could put it​ on my “must see” list.

Having said all this, we all know that beauty is definitely “in the eye of the beholder.” My art of photography captures the real world in its natural state, and I find that dark storm clouds can be just as awe-inspiring as brilliant, blue skies. Wherever you travel, try to keep an open mind no matter what the weather. You are sure to be surprised by unexpected beauty in the least expected circumstances.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Part One. The last in the series is coming soon!

Have you ever been enchanted by natural beauty where you never thought to find it? I look forward to hearing from you!

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