Budget Meal Plan Week Two

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Budget Meal Plan Week Two

Budget Meal Plan Week TwoTime for another installment of a budget meal plan. I laid out all the details in week one so if you missed it, check it out HERE. I use Pinterest to find a lot of my recipes. (Check out my healthy recipe Pinterest page HERE.) I plan on sharing a completely detailed recipe planning post very soon so stay tuned. For now though, feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Budget Meal Plan Week Two

Total Spent: $94.93 with $25.34 at Harris Teeter and $69.59 at Trader Joes.  Under budget yay! Check out Instagram HERE for a pic of my Trader Joes trip. Not pictured however, is my Harris Teeter trip where I bought frozen edamame, a bunch of kale, onion, grape tomatoes, 5lb bag of yukon potatoes, lemon, 3lb bag of oranges, 1lb of ground sausage and a box of farfalle pasta.

Thoughts: For this week, I ended up working late on Monday which is my usual grocery shopping day. It warranted a quick trip to the store Monday night and a longer one on Tuesday. I’m considering switching my grocery shopping day to Sunday but I doubt that will happen. Fortunately working late is typically not common.

Homemade this week: Small Batch Shortcut Granola (I used the 100 days of Real Food recipe from THIS cookbook.)

Tips: Each week I try to incorporate leftover produce, broth, meat, etc into the following weeks meal plan. It is really helpful when it comes to saving money at the grocery store.

Budget Meal Plan Week 2- lunch box

My breakfasts and lunches are much the same as week 1. Read about it HERE for more info. This week however, I made my daughter’s favorite Couscous and Tomato Salad from Lisa Leake’s cookbook 100 days of Real Food fast & fabulous. (If you missed my review of her cookbook, check it out HERE.) When I make the recipe, it usually feeds my daughter for 3-4 days. I do supplement with an additional vegetable side, crackers for a snack, and an orange to make sure she is filled.


budget meal plan sausage kale and potato soup

photo courtesy of absolutelytara.com


Dinner: Sausage, Kale & Potato Soup (I used 4 cups of the homemade chicken broth from last week and about 4 large kale leaves from my bunch. For next time, I would probably add more water to my homemade broth.)


Dinner: Easy Lo Mein (This is another favorite. We make this quite often. I used half a package of the snow peas and saved the rest for my daughter’s lunch as she loves them.)


Dinner: Baked Potato and a side salad (We usually eat our baked potatoes with butter, cheese, salt & pepper but you could top with whatever you like.)


Dinner: Power Bowls (Recipe coming soon!!)


Dinner: Pasta and Meatballs with a side of steamed broccoli (We made sauce with a can of crushed tomatoes and used a box of whole wheat pasta we already had. This meatball recipe is really good!)


Dinner: This is our usual flex day where we like to eat leftovers or fend for ourselves. You could also eat out if you choose to.

kale salmon caesar salad budget meal planning

photo courtesy of budgetbytes.com


Dinner: Kale & Salmon Caesar Salad (This is one of my daughter’s favorite meals. It also makes a great lunch!)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s budget meal plan recipes as much as I did. In case you missed it, get the free printable weekly meal planner HERE. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Let me know what healthy recipe is your favorite. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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