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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part Three

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Creativity Flows in Denver Colorado

The last stop of our colorful Colorado trip was Denver.  It was a natural choice for our last night in the state as it was also the city of our departure airport.  Since urban photography isn’t my forte, I will take the time to appreciate my talented boyfriend’s pictures. Although it is still under construction, you can go check out his website over at Raw Shots Photo. Now if you really want to appreciate a large city such as Denver, I have…

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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part Two

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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Mount Evans

I am not going to lie, the trip up Mount Evans is extremely scary! The hairpin turns around the edge of ​the​ mountain are not for the faint of heart a​nd​ there are no guardrails. But, it is definitely ​on my must do Colorado list. It boasts the highest paved road in North America with elevations o​f o​ver 14,000 feet. And, as I am sure you can guess, views to die for!​ The natural beauty is truly amazing! Mountain goats…

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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part One

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Creativity Flows in Colorful CO Part One

Sometimes all you need for a boost of creativity is a change of scenery.  Recently, my boyfriend and I jetted off to colorful Colorado for a week of sightseeing and picture taking.  Our love of photography made the Rocky Mountains a natural choice for a picturesque trip.  Somewhat randomly, we chose Steamboat Springs, CO as our destination and home base for a good portion of our trip.  Wyndham has a time share location there and we had been gifted with points…

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Essential Oils for Cleaning

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DIY all purpose cleaner which essential oils to use

With natural cleansing and purifying properties, it is easy to see why essential oils would be great to use for natural cleaning. I love diffusing them to naturally scent and purify the air in my home and making homemade cleaners and sprays. Best of all, it is so easy to do. (My favorite reference for the properties of oils is either Modern Essentials Usage Guide from Aroma Tools or The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann…

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5 Things We Forget to Clean

Green Cleaning
Remember to Clean These 5 things

Spring is in full blast and summer is right around the corner. Have you done your spring cleaning yet? Yes? Good job! No? Well, what are your waiting for? I have a few important reminders of things in our home we tend to overlook. The five areas in our home we forget to clean that need attention more often than you would think: Bathroom rugs – They don’t have a chance to dry out well between uses which means mold and…

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