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November 2016

Beginner’s Guide to Green Beauty

Safe makeup and skin care
Beginners Guide to green beauty

I am excited to introduce my guest poster today, Teresa. She is an experienced green beauty convert here to help us get started. Hop on over to instagram and give her stunning account a follow @mrsbrenay. Without further ado, here is her beginner’s guide to green beauty. Making the Switch My husband and I live a healthy lifestyle, we are active, eat well, and drink lots of water. We realized two years ago that we were pretty mindful about what we put…

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

General, Green Cleaning
Safe kitchen Cleaning Products

Let’s talk about the large variety of cleaning products we use in our kitchens, from the dish soap and detergent, to the sprays and surface cleaners. It is quite scary to think about all the toxins lurking under our sinks, just waiting for us to bring them out and wreak havoc with our health, and all in the laudable name of cleaning up dirt and germs! You might not be ready to take the leap to make your own products…

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