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August 2016

Castile Soap for Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning
Dr Bronners for Green Cleaning

Liquid Castile Soap is a must have in your green cleaning arsenal. I consider it a splurge item because it costs more than my Dollar Store Green Cleaning Deals but fortunately isn’t a “break the bank” type of item either. Because it comes in concentrated form, a little goes a long way. What is so great about Castile Soap you ask? It is a vegetable oil based soap that is great for cleaning. It is free of harsh chemicals and…

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Creativity Flows in Colorful Colorado Part Three

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Creativity Flows in Denver Colorado

The last stop of our colorful Colorado trip was Denver.  It was a natural choice for our last night in the state as it was also the city of our departure airport.  Since urban photography isn’t my forte, I will take the time to appreciate my talented boyfriend’s pictures. Although it is still under construction, you can go check out his website over at Raw Shots Photo. Now if you really want to appreciate a large city such as Denver, I have…

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